Automašīnu saraksts

Izvēlies sev vajadzīgo automašinu un brauc ar komfortu

Mercedes - Benz Viano
  • 2013. gads
  • Motors 2.2 TDI
  • Automātiskā ātrumkārba
  • 7 + 1 vietas

Cena sakot no

/ dienā
  • Kilometrāžas ierobežojums - 400 km/dienā
  • OCTA apdrošināšana
  • KASKO apdrošināšana
  • Izbraukšanas reģions - Eiropa
  • Atļauts vadīt vairāk kā 1 autovadītājam
  • Palīdzība uz ceļa
  • KASKO pašrisks - 0.00 EUR
  • Auto piegāde klienta izvēlētā vietā
Volkswagen Polo
  • 2017. gads
  • Motors 1.2 TSI
  • Manuālā ātrumkārba
  • Degvielas patēriņs - 5.8 l/km 

Cena sākot no

/ dienā
  • Kilometrāžas ierobežojums - 300 km/dienā
  • OCTA apdrošināšana
  • KASKO apdrošināšana
  • Izbraukšanas reģions - Baltijas valstis
  • Atļauts vadīt vairāk kā 1 autovadītājam
  • Palīdzība uz ceļa
  • KASKO pašrisks - 0.00 EUR
  • Auto piegāde klienta izvēlētā vietā

Esi drošs, mēs neliksim vilties!

Lai arī kur Tev jābrauc un cik tālu, Tu esi nonācis pareizajā vietā, jo Mailar Auto Noma parūpēsies par Tavu labsajūtu un komfortu.

Atpūtas braucieni

Biežākais mūsu uzņēmuma pakalpojumus izmantošanas mērķis ir atpūtas braucieni. Mūsu automašīnas tiek īrētas gan braucieniem uz Eiropu, gan tepat pa Baltiju un Latviju. 

Uzņēmuma vajadzībām

Mailar Auto Nomu novērtē uzņēmumi, kuri mūsu transportu izmanto transfēra pakalpojumiem, klientu pārvadāšanā, korperatīvājiem braucieniem, komandējumiem kā arī ikdienas darba funkciju veikšanai.

Īrēt lētāk nekā uzturēt

Automašīnas uzturēšana ikdienā nav lēts prieks, tāpēc mums ir pastāvīgi klienti,  kuri vadoties pēc automašīnas izmantošanas biežuma ir izrēķinājuši, ka īrēt automobīli ir lētāk nekā uzturēt savu personīgo. 


Automašīnas tiek īzīrētas dažādiem pasākumiem. Sākot ar kāzām un vecmeitu/veicpuišu ballītēm un beidzot festivāliem ģimenes salidojumiem. Īpaši populāra šādiem pasākumiem ir mūsu mikroautobusu noma.

Car Rental in Riga

Looking for comfortable transportation in Riga? Planning a vacation around the Baltic region? Renting a car would be the best option for you to enjoy your time without having to worry about your transportation.

Mailer Car Rental takes care of your transportation by offering its customers affordable luxurious cars that won’t disappoint. Latvia’s capital – Riga is a beautiful city with many cultural and historical wonders. With a rental car, you can freely enjoy what this town has to offer however you may see fit. But, this raises the question, how can you rent a car in Riga?

How to Rent a Car?

Renting a car has never been any easier. Mailar Car Rental is on your phone’s reach, offering its customers luxurious and clean cars for fair prices along with good customer support. Feel free to check our rental car fleet. You will find that Mailar Car Rental provides cars suitable for each customers’ needs. Should you choose to rent one of them, you can easily reserve your car of choice online with a few simple steps. You can also reach us at +371 23221140 from 8:00 pm to 22:00 seven days a week, or e-mail us at for more information. 

We are also active on social media. You can follow our posts on Instagram @mailarautonoma and Facebook – Mailara Auto Noma.

Online Booking

You can book your rental car online by filling a booking application form. Simply click on the reserve button, which then takes you to a blank application form where you can enter some information such as the start and end date of your rental period, the location where you wish to pick up your car from, and, of course, your car of choice. And don’t forget to enter your personal information so that we can contact you as soon as possible!

Pick Up Locations

Arranging your pick up can sometimes be troublesome, especially if you are new in town. That is why Mailar Car Rental offers various pick-up locations for its customers to make their life easier.

You can, of course, pick up your rental car from Mailar Car Rental head office, which is located at Detlava Brantkalna St. 4, Riga. However, by informing us prior, you can also receive your rental car in any district of Riga, including the Riga Airport, which makes it very convenient for customers who freshly arrive at Riga.

Riga Airport

Planning a holiday at Riga to see what this beautiful town has to offer? Considering a well-rounded trip all across the beautiful Latvian cities? Or are you coming to Riga on your own to chase some business opportunities and want to quickly resolve your transportation issue beforehand?

Mailar Car Rental does not have an office at the airport. However, this wouldn’t stop us from offering our life-improving services to our customers. At the cost of a mere 15 euros, Mailar Car Rental saves your time by delivering your rental car to the largest airport in Baltics – Riga Airport.

Riga Center

What if you already have made it to your accommodation place? You might be wondering how you can get your hands on your rental car in this case. You don’t have to worry as Mailar Car Rental does not disappoint its customers! We can deliver your rental car to any district of Riga provided that you notify us.

Mailar Car Rental provides its customers affordable and clean cars suited for everyone’s needs all across Riga.

Head Office

You can also choose to pick your car up directly from our head office located in Purvciems. This way you can take a look at our available cars and examine your car of choice beforehand. Another advantage of coming to our head office is that you can pick up and hand over your rental car without having to pay for any additional costs. You can find us in Detlava Brantkalna Street, 4.

Our Cars

We currently provide two models for our customers:

  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Mercedes – Benz Viano

These two models combined allow us to cover a wide range of customer demand as these two vehicles can be suitable for many purposes.

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo is a suitable car for long trips around the Baltic Region. It is an affordable option for tourism or general use purposes.

Polo has a reasonably low fuel consumption with around 4.5 l/100km, which makes it a cost-effective car. With 351 litres of boot space, you can easily fit your all belongings to this car. It is the ideal vehicle for comfortable trips.

Daily mileage limit is 300 km in this model, but there aren’t any limits on whether who gets to drive the car. So, you can switch seats with your friend whenever you get tired.

Our 2017 model Polo is maintained regularly and is fit to get you wherever you desire. However, we offer and guarantee support if you happen to encounter any problems on the road.

Mercedes – Benz Viano

Mercedes – Benz Viano is a more suitable option for customers who wish to travel across Europe with more space in hand. This prestigious and luxurious vehicle will also make your business trips more comfortable for a relatively affordable price.

Viano offers seating for up to 8 passengers. Combined with larger boot space, this makes it possible for large groups to travel in comfort.

Daily mileage limit is 400 km in this model, allowing you to cover more lengths each day on your longer trips.

This minivan is suitable for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Business trips,
  • Transfer services,
  • Client transportation,
  • Corporate travel,
  • Leisure tourism,
  • Event trips.

Our principle is to ensure customer satisfaction. Our affordable prices, combined with our elaborative work ethics and superior customer services, enable us to keep our principles stay intact.

Extra Services

You can additionally choose whether you wish to benefit from our extra services while choosing your car. These extra services include unlimited mileage, full insurance, freedom to designate a place so that you can hand over your rental car conveniently and car rental together with a driver.

Unlimited Mileage: If you wish to travel around without having to consider your daily mileage limit, this extra is definitely for you. You may travel anywhere freely, no questions asked!

Full Insurance: You can never know what may happen during your travels. That is why applying for full insurance coverage may help you feel a bit secured in case of an accident.

Picking a Retrieval Place: Planning on travelling far? Being able to choose a retrieval place for your car spare you from having to come all the way back to Riga. You can save your time and money as well!

Car Rental with a Driver: Want to enjoy the scenery instead of bothering with driving your rental car? Wishing to take care of your business while travelling? Or planning on organizing an event and need a vehicle and a driver? Then this option is for you. Mailar Car Rental will help you with an experienced driver that will take you anywhere you want.

Briefly About Mailar Car Rental

Founded in 2018, Mailar Car Rental is a dynamic company that quickly adapts and responds to customer needs. Mailar Car Rental offers its customers cars and minivans available for rent in Riga for short or long-term depending on the customer’s needs.

Our main goal is to keep our customers happy and satisfied. Contact us without hesitation for cars that are in excellent technical conditions. Pleasant and friendly communication, individual approach, honest attitude and flexible work schedule – this is the hallmark of Mailar Car Rental Company. Enjoy renting a car and safe travels!