About Us

Mailar Car Rental is a company founded in 2018.  We offer our customers reliable, clean and affordable rental cars and minibuses for both short and long term periods. Being a new company in the rental car market allows us to approach our working principles, passionately and energetically. This attitude then serves as a motivational force that contributes to our desire for improving our activities.


Our primary goal is to make our customers happy and satisfied with our cars and service. We recognize that only by striving to be the best we can keep our customers pleased. With our devotedness to providing high-quality services in every aspect of the car rental process, we get one step closer to achieving this goal.


As Mailar Car Rental, we offer affordable cars that are in perfect technical conditions, the customer support that embodies an individual approach and guarantees a pleasant experience, work ethics that put honesty first. We do all these within a flexible work schedule – seven days a week. You can rest assured that we will not disappoint!
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Our Story

Mailar Car Rental is a small family business founded in order to take the first steps into the service sector. We strive to gain the experience that will allow us to be competent in this sector. With enough experience, we believe that we will be able to take our business to the next level.

After an evaluation of the prevailing circumstances back then, we agreed on starting our business in this field. We have quickly adapted to the field of car rental services and won a seat in this market. However, we were very much aware of the high competition before starting our company. Nevertheless, we still decided to take a risk and try to win market share in this field. We believe that our high-quality services and compassionate attitude bring us success in the long run.

We have a unique approach to our entrepreneurship when compared to other car rental companies. In Mailar Car Rental, each of us works our daily jobs and consider working in Mailar Car Rental as a hobby. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t take things seriously in this company. Each of us is here to learn and gain experience. But it is not limited to that. We also try out and implement new ideas that bring a fresh perspective to the car rental in Riga. This approach shows how much passion goes into the Mailar Car Rental and how much joy we get in return.